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Landlord & Tenant

Your home is one of your largest expenses, and it is also one of the necessities of life. For this reason, in a city like New York where the housing market is costly and competitive, disputes between tenants and landlords can quickly turn into serious and emotional battles. Disagreements over lease terms, the challenge of increased monthly rent payments and understanding the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved sometimes requires the help of a third-party who understands tenant and landlord law. The Law Offices of Barry S. Schwartz is here to offer the services of a knowledgeable New York landlord and tenant law attorney.

Understanding Tenant and Landlord Disputes

Tenant and landlord disputes can fall into a variety of categories. Eviction is a common type of dispute. Landlords often assume eviction is simply making the decision that it is time for the tenant to leave. The process is actually far more complex, and the tenant has the right to contest the matter in Housing Court. To protect yourself, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, it’s vital to work with an attorney.

Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities in a lease agreement, and if either party fails to uphold those obligation, then the lease has been breached. Proving that the other party has breached the contract may require the skills of a lawyer. Attorney Schwartz is willing to fight for both tenants and landlords who are facing this situation.

Defending the Rights of Both Landlords and Tenants

Because of his extensive experience in real estate law, Attorney Schwartz is positioned well to defend both tenants and landlords. He understands both sides of the real estate rental experience, and will help stand up for the basic rights of his attorneys. Whether you are a property owner with hundreds of units or a simple tenant who wishes to remain comfortable in your home, you can trust Attorney Schwartz to look out for your best interests.

An AV Preeminent attorney since 1997, Attorney Barry S. Schwartz is a veteran landlord, tenant and real estate attorney. Since 1976, Attorney Schwartz has been the trusted source for landlord and tenant legal services. If you have a question, concern or legal matter that needs addressing, call the Law Offices of Barry S. Schwartz for assistance.


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