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NY Condominium Law Attorney Represents Owners and Associations

NY lawyer helps with transactions, regulations and disputes

Law Office of Barry S. Schwartz is dedicated to achieving the best possible resolution to your case. I am highly educated and informed about every aspect of NY homeowners association and condominium law. Staying current on any changing laws is very important to me so I can pass this information on to you. I am well-versed in the NY laws and statutes governing these areas and can educate you on how they affect your individual situation and needs.

Knowledgeable assistance from an experienced New York condominium law firm

I provide NY condominium associations, homeowners associations and unit owners with:

  • General legal and corporate counsel to ensure compliance with documents, statutes, rules and regulations for homeowners associations and condo associations in NY
  • Transactional and contract services
  • Mediation, negotiation, and arbitration services to resolve disputes amicably
  • Courtroom litigation when association interests must be defended in court

Representing clients in all aspects of condominium law

I represent condominium associations, unit owners and developers in all aspects of condominium law:

  • My work on behalf of condominium associations includes condominium litigation, such as enforcement of covenants and restrictions, arbitration of disputes in the Bureau of Condominiums, collection of maintenance assessments with condominium liens and foreclosures, amendment of the Declaration of Condominium, and general advice and counseling to the board of directors.
  • I represent the rights of unit owners in arbitration and litigation, assist in recalls of board members, and in other ways defend their rights and help them resolve disputes with their associations.
  • On behalf of condominium developers, I create condominiums by drafting Declarations of Condominium for both new developments and condominium conversions. I also represent homeowners and homeowners associations in similar matters.

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