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Co-op & Condo Law

New York City boasts numerous condominiums and co-ops, and navigating the laws surrounding these agreements can be confusing. The Law Office of Barry S. Schwartz is here to help you navigate these waters with the skill of an experienced condominium law attorney. The firm provides trustworthy legal assistance to help everyone from co-op residents to condominium owners understand and protect their rights.

Representation for Co-op and Condo Boards

The Law Office of Barry S. Schwartz provides a comprehensive list of services to condominium and co-op boards, including buildings with just a few units, low-income properties and executive buildings with thousands of occupants. The firm is able to provide solid legal advice for day-to-day operations, assist with the preparation and revision of legal documents, such as leases and by-laws, and assist with licensure agreements and building permits.

In New York, condominiums and co-ops often deal with negotiations. For example, a film or photography crew may wish to use the building for filming and photo shoot. This requires an agreement that protects the building’s owner and the condominium board in the event of an accident. Negotiating these types of agreements is easier with the help of a New York condominium attorney. Other examples of these types of negotiations include use of store-fronts and wall space, AIA agreements for special projects, third-party agreements with alarm companies and elevator repair firms.

Legal Support for Building Owners and Developers

In addition to helping condo boards, the Law Offices of Barry S. Schwartz offers service to building owners and developers. This ensures that all phases of the building or conversion process is handled legally, meeting all building codes and properly negotiating with the Attorney General’s Office. When a unit leases or sells, the firm will assist with closing.

The list of agreements needed to properly manage a co-op or condominium is quite extensive. Having a legal team on your side to help manage, prepare, review and negotiate these is vital. That legal team is led by Attorney Barry S. Schwartz. Contact the Law Office of Barry S. Schwartz for the services of an experienced New York City co-op and condo law attorney, and move forward with confidence knowing that your condo board will be working in within the confines of the law.


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